At a glance

History and present of MB Technilog at a glance.

As the city and state of Berlin completed the ‘Masterplan Healthcare‘ in 2007, it was Robert Schrödel who established MB Technilog as a ‘think tank’ to focus on this initiative. Based on his experience as chief product developement manager of Schering AG, he saw the advantage of running a research unit outside an operational core business. This resulted in highly advanced concepts and technologies for managing ‘hightech-centers’ in clinics which are licensed to Vanguard group.

To face the rapid changes that an aging society in Europe generates, new ways of treatment and also new forms of management in the healthcare sector are needed. MB Technilog sees itself as a networking science based unit, serving all kinds of companies and institutions by excellent technologies that make a Masterplan of this kind working.

Modern solutions – and this is not limited to healthcare – have much to do with infrastructure, collaboration, logistics. They also include lifelong learning. Often, they are deeply IT-based and should be performed on a ‘zero fault’ total quality management scheme. Things that are about ‘to be changed’ need, at the most, new forms of presentation that ‘triggers the human brain’. MB Technilog has therefore developed ‘walkable environments’ where one actually can not only see, but also explore how the changes will look like. In short: the 3-dimensional internet meets healthcare. There are more targets in the Masterplan t0 inspire MB Technilog: architecture, telemedicine, new ways of education and training.

MB Technilog offers tools to outline and visualise a new factory, tools for ‘tracking’ the use and re-use of a medical product in a clinic by using RFID and WLAN. MB Technilog can also take care of tracking patients in hospitals or for people suffering from alzheimer, by using a mix of actual available telecommunication alert systems. To summarize: MB Technilog manages projects based on ‘High Tech’ & ‘Informatics’ in ‘Health’.

MB Technilog adresses, when needed, the science board of Berlex group, as Berlex AG is its major shareholder. The board is surpervised by Prof. Dr. h.c. Bernhard Motzkus, former chief manager operations of Charite´ Berlin.

In operation as a CTO for MB Technilog Reiner Schneeberger was appointed. He actually is also in operation as CEO.

Reiner Schneeberger worked for Control Data Corporation as European group manager technology and training and holds an university degree in informatics and business administration. Shareholders of MB Technilog are Berlex AG, Robert Schrödel and Vanguard AG.

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