We offer consulting and training based on targets that are in focus of modern Healthcare. As the city of Berlin completed the Masterplan Healthcare in 2007, MB Technilog was established as a think tank. This resulted in highly advanced concepts and technologies for managing hightech-centers in clinics which are licensed to Vanguard Group. MB Technilog has recently developed walkable environments where one actually can explore how changes will look like. MB Technilog offers tools to outline and visualise a new factory, tools for tracking the use of a product by using RFID and WLAN (WiFi) and more …

Masterplan Berlin 2015

To make our latest invention known we offer a seminar, we call it: World on a Wire

You learn to create a factory, a hospital, a medical product or an office building or just a piece out of your imagination. Explore a world in 3D in one of our seminars, a world based on opensource technology that you can take with you at home, in a USB-stick! That is the most effective way. A seminar could be given in a classroom or individually, at a place you choose. Also special seminars via the internet are available on request. To enter a SIM as we call a world , you need a viewer. You can download the viewer and then starting is easy! We develop viewers for builders and for users 1). Builders can create worlds, users can just explore worlds made by the builders. Our viewers, as they are the core technology for using a SIM, are open source and run on Windows XP and higher, as well as on Linux . The database that comes with opensimulator is mySQL or an embedded one.

Reiner Schneeberger, CTO of MB Technilog, is the spirit behind the Hypergrid.Network. He started at the age of 14 with computer programming in Assembler. At the age of 17 he performed lectures in computer graphics at the University of Munich. Now Reiner Schneeberger does no longer the programming himself, he works with highly skilled young professionals, calling them students still, as he gives them guidance on their way to success. All software and tools that come out of his Futurelab is open source and free to use for everyone, on no costs. That´s why 20 % of the capacity of a seminar is reserved for artists and creative people with no regular income. The cost for them to attend a builder’s seminar is sponsored by Pioneer Medical Devices AG Berlin.

The seminars are performed in English by Reiner Schneeberger, Sean Lennon and Daniel Jung. You may ask questions in German, Dutch, Greek and French as Liliana Papadopoulou, multilingual co-instructor for MB Technilog, will also be there. Depending on the location of the seminar, we can provide additional languages. Just enter the instructor´s name in the search-function field.

1) The first two hours of a seminar are for users, then after a coffee break, the seminar moves on to builders

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